Garbage disposal is a vital part of any kitchen because it helps to reduce the amount of unsightly mess created by food waste, but they also help eliminate smells from food waste. If you don’t maintain your garbage disposal, it may start to stink and will no longer work as efficiently.

Tips for Maintaining Garbage Disposal

Maintenance tips for your garbage disposal will help ensure that your device continues to operate at best possible level. How you maintain the garbage disposal may vary depending on what model of garbage disposer you own. Many common recommendations for maintaining garbage disposal include:

Run Cold Water 

The most important tip for maintaining your garbage disposal is to run cold water while running. This will help minimize the amount of grease that can escape, allowing your garbage disposal to function correctly. One of the American Association for the Advancement of Science suggests that people should run their garbage disposals all the time since this is a very effective and straightforward way of maintaining it.

Avoid hard and fibrous food:

Don’t put fibrous vegetables into the garbage disposal, as this can lead to a clog. Hard foods like corn husks, celery, and whole cloves of garlic should be avoided as well. These rigid or fibrous foods don’t decompose as quickly and can cause blades in the garbage disposal to dull and break.

Don’t put your hands at the disposal:

Please don’t put your hands in the disposal to clean it. This can cause the blades of your garbage disposal to move while it’s working, which could make them dull. Also, if you cut yourself with a sharp knife or another object while trying to clean your disposer, you could very likely develop a severe infection. Don’t put your hands in the garbage disposal.

Cleaning Disposal Regularly:

An important maintenance tip for your garbage disposal is to clean it regularly. It would be best if you try to run lemon rinds or ice cubes through it daily or at least once a week. This will help freshen the disposal and prevent build-up from occurring inside of it. When you clean your garbage disposal regularly, you may also notice that you will have fewer problems with leaks from it.

Do not put hot food down your garbage disposal:

Don’t put hot food down your garbage disposal because this can place a lot of pressure on the blades of the final result and may cause the disposer unit to break. Also, it’s possible that something could get stuck in the edges.

Never pour grease into your garbage disposal: 

Don’t pour grease down the drain. Oil will solidify and clog your pipes over time. If you want to dispose of grease, it’s best to throw it out in a trash can that has a lid. You should also avoid pouring leftover cooking oil down your drain because it may start to thicken as it dries.

Grind citrusy fruits to help with bad smells:

If your garbage disposal is making a bad smell, you can grind citrusy fruits such as lemons, oranges or limes to help with the smell. Citrus fruits are strong enough to cover up the odors and leave a pleasant scent afterward. You can rub the fruit into your disposal and let it sit there for a few hours. The longer the fruit sits at its disposal, the more of a scent it will leave behind.

Turn off the power:

According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, over 18 million home garbage disposals are put into service each year, so you should not bother turning off your power when you use it for maintenance on day to day basis.

Alternative methods for maintaining garbage disposal :

– When you are finished cooking, let the garbage disposal run for a few minutes to ensure any leftover food or food waste has been appropriately taken care of.

– You can replace your garbage disposal with a new unit if it is still under warranty. This will cut down on the amount of time you have to spend dealing with broken parts and the maintenance required for your existing unit.

– If you have an electric garbage disposal, be sure to unplug the cord before you begin maintenance work on it. A broken washer in your garbage disposal could cause fires. 

If you are using a grease trap at your house, clean out this with some soap and water before placing new food waste inside it again.

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As you can see, there are several different ways to maintain your garbage disposal for the best performance. By following these simple tips on maintaining your garbage disposal, you will be able to enjoy a device that keeps your kitchen smelling fresh and clean without any foul odors. This will also help prevent any problems with leaks due to clogs and other issues.